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Hi everybody!  My name is Scott and I've been the care taker here at Jakes for the last 14 years.
I first walked in to this bar in 1985 just out of college and fell in love with the place and the people who come here almost immediately.  People often ask what makes Jakes so comfortable and I think it's the fact that so many people have made it their home over the 70 years its been open (laughed, cried, hooked up, broke up) that their sprits just flow through the place. My story is not important at all, it's the customers and the staff that make Jakes what it is and always has been.


Little Sean



Before I started bartending I was in the rock business. I used to work for the Chicago band, Ministry, drum teched for Soundgarden, and Tour managed Krist Novoselic's band Sweet 75 to name a few. Was in a band called Pigface for a couple albums also. Quit it all about 7 years ago to bartend and wake up in my own bed every day. I love beer. I've visited the Westmalle Trappist brewery, and Tres Fontaines lambic brewery, both in Belgium.Visited Guinness and New Glarus Breweries, and even dabbled in home brewing. I can probably bore you with beer talk or old tour stories, if you come in to visit me on a slow day.We're Always trying to keep the beer list fresh and interesting, switching it up often, but sticking with the classic's and favorites. Check me out weekday's til 8pm, we get a fun crowd during the day.




  Kris loves Jake's and Jake's loves Kris. She thought it was only fair to give something back to the bar that's made her feel so at home over the years. Flashback to1993 when on a late night 'packaged goods' run, she ventured out across Clark street into the divey bar on the corner. A six-pack to go and a decade later it's become a career. Kris shares her Jake's spirit on Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights where you'll likely hear her favorite beats of funk and hiphop. Thirsty?